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A systematic approach to the end of poverty.

Our 5 Step Process

A girl holding a book

Identify Opportunities

What business will be profitable for these people, in this place?

Selecting the right business model is the most critical factor in determining the likely success of a new business.

Close-up of a MoneyMaker pump

Design Products

What new tools will make this possible?

We start with a challenge—design a tool that will generate income.

A person welding

Establish a Supply Chain

How can we produce these?

The greatest invention cannot change the world if it does not get manufactured and distributed.

Retail display of a MoneyMaker pump

Develop the Market

How do we convince someone with little money to make a big investment?

We want to get as many people out of poverty as possible.

An irrigated field

Measure and Move Along

Is this going as we planned?

Once we reach the tipping point, KickStart will make a profit on every sale. We will reinvest these to develop new technologies.

You Can Help

Increase a farming family's income from:

$150 per year before pump

$850 per year after pump

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Measurable Success

200,000+ new businesses started to date.

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